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REVO was founded in 2015 as a strategic result of a partnership between Raiffeisen Polbank and EVO Payments International. Terminal Services users, existing and potential customers of the Raiffeisen Polbank can thanks to this obtain access to the latest solutions existing in the global payments market and alternative methods of their implementation. Huge experience of EVO Payments International and knowledge gained on the markets of the US, Canada and Europe allows REVO to offer its customers modern, advanced package of services and solutions adjusted to the needs of even the most demanding customers and every business models.

Check why you might want to cooperate with us:


1. Higher sales, minimized the risk of losses

Get a much larger group of customers and take advantage of the opportunities to generate higher sales, enabling your customers to make card payments. Usually, the trading posts that provide card payment services have much higher turnover. Cards provide greater flexibility in managing financial resources, so customers are not only willing to pay with cards, but also spend approximately more money than those who pay with cash.

2. Significantly lower costs and less complexity

The boundaries between the various national markets and different sales channels are becoming increasingly blurred. Payment services should not remain left behind. A full range of services that we offer simplifies the complexity of the system and clearly reduces management costs.

3. Simple and customized solutions

Concentrate on your core competencies and leave us the administration of payments. We take care of all the necessary procedures. We offer you very flexible and simple solutions.

4. Greater transparency and simplification of procedures

We offer you the opportunity of a convenient access to all the necessary information. Simplification of procedures will result in significant savings.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide customers with innovative, secure and reliable payment solutions. We are committed to building lasting relationships based on full engagement and reliable operation that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Our Vision


Providing optimal, safe and convenient solutions in payment services through providing our customers on our supported markets top-class solutions we can prepare.

Our Purpose


To exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and employees by being the best global payments processing company.


Our Core Values

1. Service

We can make a positive difference each day by providing outstanding service to our customers,employees, partners, colleagues, and communities.

2. Diversity

The more we value the diversity of people, ideas, and perspectives the stronger our company andour culture is.

3. Communication

Genuine communication and respectful listening foster collaboration and trust to create agreat place to work.

4. Teamwork

We are committed to common goals, values, and working together to find the best solutions forour customers and employees.

5. Innovation

Healthy curiosity leads to innovation in technologies, processes, and products to make EVO theindustry leader in payments

6. Execution excellence

We work with passion, resiliency and agility to get things done effectively to bestserve our customers and improve our performance.

7. Integrity

We act ethically and respectfully in our interactions no matter what the circumstances.