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Mobile trading and services

We have an ideal payment acceptance solution for businesses on the go. You can accept payments here and there - wherever you are. No more sending invoices and waiting for your money.

Our device:

Portable Terminal Ingenico iWL220 - Designed for Mobility.

This device is the smallest and lightest of all those presently available on the market, and also the easiest and most user-friendly. It supports a wide range of wireless communication and has a long-life battery, which you can rely on to stand up to even  the busiest of your days.

Thinking of the specific nature of your business our offer includes also additional functionalities, such as:

Logo on the terminal printout

Are you proud of your brand? Do you want to increase its awareness?  Take advantage of the feature which enables you to place the logo of your business, or a marketing slogan, on the face of the terminal printout.