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Retail sale

In retail, each sale counts. Minimize the risk connected with the necessity to store and keep your money secure. Forget the problem of no change in your cash register. All our terminals enable contactless payments which will help to handle the que effectively. It is a value that customers will surely appreciate. Because time is money!

Our device:

Ingenico ICT220 Stationary Terminal + Contactless PIN Pad

ICT220 Terminal uses internet communication enabling fast authorization of a transaction. If necessary, we can connect the terminal to a telephone line.  We install the terminal in a set with a light-weight, external PIN PAD iPP220. Like all our terminals, this model too accepts contactless payments.

Thinking of the specific nature of your business our offer includes also additional functionalities, such as:

Logo on the terminal printout

Are you proud of your brand? Do you want to increase its awareness?  Take advantage of the feature which enables you to place the logo of your business, or a marketing slogan, on the face of the terminal printout. 


 Provide your busy customers with a convenient service enabling cash withdrawal when paying with a card, and you will not only have satisfied customers but also additional revenue for yourself!