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Online Merchant Services

Your transactions at your fingertips!

Using the offered by REVO card payment acceptance solutions you can have permanent access to your transaction data, presented in a convenient and transparent way. Just log on to the ONLINE MERCHANT SERVICES platform we created.

Here you will find your business statements presented by day and month as well as access to individual reports and electronic invoices, which you can then use as needed. And all this 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

We warmly invite you!

If you do not have access to OMS yet and would like to start using it, please contact a REVO consultant at the following phone number: 22 382 38 38 or by e-mail

Merchant Information Portal

Fulfilling the obligation resulting from the Regulation (EU) 2015/751 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2015 on Interchange fees for card-based payment transactions, we are presenting to you information relating to the individual card-based payment transactions (Article 12).

Under Article 12 such information is to include:

• The code of the transaction enabling the payee to identify the card-based payment transaction;
• The amount of the payment transaction in the currency in which the payee’s payment account is credited;
• The amount of any charges for the card-based payment transaction, indicating separately the merchant service charge and the amount of the interchange fee.

The information referred to above will be available to you after login on to the portal which can be accessed after clicking:

Online Merchant Services

Merchant Information Portal