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Solutions for all businesses

We exactly know what our customers expect from us. We know the market and its needs, so we have prepared a simple and effective solutions for various industries, taking into account the nature and specifics.

Select your industry, contact us and start accepting payment cards! See why you should and … how easy it is!


A hotel is like a home where its tenants should be most comfortable.   Surely, it is quite a challenge to satisfy the requirements of guests originating from the different countries of the world.  REVO may help in making this challenge easier. Accepting payments in the currency of your guest’s Country; simple and fast calculation of tips for customer service employees, or finally assistance in booking accommodation reservation by enabling the customer to make a remote payment  – all these facilitations will surely help in building your guests’ loyalty.

Terminal REVO dla restauracji


Can there be anything more convenient for your guests than paying with a card without leaving the table? Our terminal will be ideal in such situations. No matter how big is your restaurant,
you will easily be able to reach your customer. We will equip you with a fully portable terminal, which uses GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth communication.

Retail Sale

In retail, each sale counts. Minimize the risk connected with the necessity to store and keep your money secure. Forget the problem of no change in your cash register. All our terminals enable contactless payments which will help to handle the que effectively. It is a value that customers will surely appreciate. Because time is money!

Outlets and mail-order selling

The speed and convenience for the customer of entering a PIN on a stand alone device are important in “carry out” product sales. If you are running this type of a business, our contactless terminals will be an ideal solution for you. If, on the other hand, you are into delivery services, we may activate the function enabling customers to make payments remotely without the physical presence of the card (e.g., by phone).

Mobile trading and services

We have an ideal payment acceptance solution for businesses on the go. You can accept payments here and there – wherever you are. No more sending invoices and waiting for your money.

Proffesional services

By accepting card payments you do not have to wait for your money, it eliminates the necessity to issue invoices and minimizes the risk connected with handling cash.  If you want, we can activate a feature on our terminal enabling payment acceptance without the physical presence of a card. Or, if you visit your customers, you should consider using a portable terminal?

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