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Additional Services

Your business support.

We provide products and solutions of the best quality. We work only with reputable suppliers of payment terminals, whose products are characterized by durability and reliability.

For our clients we prepare individual and tailor-made proposals for solutions that support their business.

We also provide 24/7 technical support, installation and terminal configuration services, as well as employee training.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) enables persons using cards in Poland issued with another settlement currency than PLN to pay for goods or services directly in the currency of the card. This functionality ensures that holder of the foreign payment card receives information about the exact amount to be paid for the transaction performed at the retail and service point and knows the exchange rate already at the time of payment.


• Increased customer satisfaction
• Source of additional revenue for Merchant
• Updated daily, best exchange rate
• Lower transaction costs
• No additional investments required
• One statement of transactions for all payments

Cash Back – pay with your card and withdraw your money

Cash Back is a service which enables payment card holders to pay out cash while paying for their everyday purchases. Cash Back is a solution which Polish customers are using more frequently and readily now. For this reason it is worth making it available to your customers.

How does it work?

Thanks to REVO terminal services users will be able to take advantage of the ultra-modern solutions available on the global market of payments. When a payment is made using a card with a Cash Back feature, the terminal will allow you to select an operation with or without cash withdrawal.

The decision to use this service belongs to the card holder, who can make a withdrawal of any amount within the agreed limit, which is PLN 300 for Visa, and PLN 500 for Mastercard.

The Cash Back Transaction must always be preceded by a purchase transaction. The sale transaction and cash withdrawal takes place during one operation and normally takes the same amount of time as a transaction without cash withdrawal.

The amount spent on the purchase and the amount of the cash withdrawal will be specified separately on the print out from the terminal. The card holder confirms both amounts with his/her signature or PIN code and the retailer pays out the required amount.


  • Increasing customer satisfaction through the introduction of additional services
  • Acquiring new customers who, wanting to withdraw cash, are obliged to make purchases,
  • Reducing the cost of cash management.

Mobile top-ups

REVO Terminals provide service of generating and printing barcodes that allow to top-up mobile phones in the pre-paid and “mix” systems. With this functionality it is possible to top-up a mobile phone in a quick and easy way, during shopping.

We provide electronic top-ups for all Polish mobile operators and most popular MNVOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Whom is this service designed for?

The top-up service is most commonly used in the points of sale such as:

  • grocery shops
  • bakeries and confectioneries
  • petrol stations
  • kiosks


The additional revenues from commissions on selling top-ups
The increase of the customers’ satisfaction that will save their time and money when they are able to top-up their mobile phones during their shopping time
The advantage over local competitors that do not offer this kind of service, which leads to more new customers
No need for storing the paper pre-paid cards that eliminates the risk of their disappearance and theft.

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