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Apart from the basic offer of POS terminals we offer also a wide range of additional services that make our offer even more attractive.

Here you can find out more about them and choose what works best for you.

Logo on the terminal printout

Placing a Company's logo on the front side of the terminal printout is a very simple and yet very effective way for the company to raise its public awareness. Additionally, a short marketing slogan may be placed on the print out.


This functionality allows to treat the tip in the transaction as a separate item. It is available also for flat credit cards. It is used mostly in places where the tip is customarily an integral part of remuneration (e.g., bars, restaurants, hairdresser salons, etc.).


Where basic mathematical operations need to be performed and no standalone calculator is available they can be performed directly on the POS terminal.  The results of the operations may be presented on a display and/or printouts from the POS terminal depending on the terminal user's preferences.

Cashier ID

An ideal solution for Clients who require sales to be recorded by cashier. This functionality enables sales performed to be recorded by cashier after each of them enters their personal password. It is possible both to record sales performed by each cashier and to print his/her identification number on each transaction printout. Additionally, it is possible to print a summary statement of sales made by each cashier, which may be printed at any time or as the end-of-day summary.

MO/TO Transactions

MO/TO Transactions (MO/TO - Mail Order/Telephone Order) are "remote transactions" concluded without the physical presence of a payment card.   Such a transaction involves manual input of card data on the terminal by a cashier using the keyboard.  The transaction may be performed on the basis of a written, e-mail or telephone order, placed by the cardholder.  MO/TO Transactions are most common when making hotel reservations, or settlements with hotel guests after their departure.

Payment Title

In addition to the standard information on the printout of the POS terminal, you can put on it any alphanumeric information about the payment, e.g. subscriber number, policy number, etc.  This facility allows linking of a payment to a particular customer or product for which payment was made.  Transactions performed may be verified with the payment title on a dedicated encrypted website.  Additionally, this data may be exported to a .xls, or a .pdf file format.

Transaction pre-authorisation

It is a service that involves blocking customer's funds  during booking (e.g. hotels, travel agencies, car rentals) to confirm both availability of funds and the reservation.   The pre-authorization amount is settled automatically upon delivery of the service, final settlement with the customer, and is included in the amount of the final settlement.