Spolka nalezaca do EVO Payments International

POS terminals for stationary use with NFC module

Our payment terminals are products made by reputable global suppliers, are characterized by ultra high efficiency and reliability.

REVO stationary terminals are user-friendly, their operation is very simple, intuitive and possible in any lighting conditions thanks to the backlit display and keypad.

A PIN pad may be connected to the terminal facilitating customer service in larger point of sales.

Thanks to the NFC technology REVO terminals allow convenient use of mobile wallets, apps and programs. 

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the modern communications solutions based on wireless technologies allowing  customers to perform financial transactions using their smartphones. A phone then operates as a payment card with a contactless payment function. NFC is a convenient payment alternative which Polish customers use more and more readily.

We accept payment cards of most payment systems organizations.